Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: Comfort Collection

A completely renewed premium, the Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range boasts a more modern and functional design with new improved jets across all models which enhance the performance of the hydromassage. The controls are straightforward and simple to use thanks to a new control system


The ultimate spa experience with the Jacuzzi® J-355™ hot tub. This large spa delivers a deep tissue, all over massage with superior PowerPro® Jets, including the ProAir Lounge seat, the FX-10™ Therapy Seat and 14 FX Jets. If that isn’t enough – the cost effective heat, filtration and jet systems in a Jacuzzi® spa run efficiently, and reliably.

Dimensions: 231 x 213 x 97 cm

Seating Capacity: 5-6 People

Shape: Rectangular
Installation: Free-standing
Body Zoning: Legs & Feet, Lumbar, Mid-back, Shoulders
Usage: Entertainment, Hydrotherapy, Relaxation, Tonic effect
Seating Capacity: 5-6 People
Product Features – Indoor- Outdoor- 42 jets- 5-6 seats (1 lounge)- LED prolites system- Waterfall- LED control panel- Remote Control (stereo version)- ClearRay™ Water Purification System- 3 Illuminated Headrests- Smart Seal- 1 speed pump (1)- 2 speed pump- Circulation pump- Bluewave Spa Stereo System

Build your perfect J-355

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: J-355


Dimensions (cm)

231 x 213 x 97



Seating Capacity

5-6 People



HydroSoothe™ Massage Pillow. Delivers a head and neck massage and a cascade of water over neck and shoulders without splashing or spraying

ProFinish™ Cabinetry. You don’t need to sit inside to see why it’s part of Jacuzzi®’s Designer Collection. Protected by our SmartSeal™ coating, the clean and contemporary ProFinish™ cabinetry is a natural fit for most outdoor spaces, with accent corner lighting to heighten the hot-tub experience when the sun begins to set.

Speciality PowerPro® BX & FX-L Jets. Exclusive to the collection these jets offer a more advanced lower back and leg massage perfect for recovery after a long day

Premium LED Lighting. Advanced ProLite™ chromotherapy under water, cup holder and headrest lights allow you to set the ambiance for whatever the occasion

Water Rainbow Waterfall. Single waterfall combined with chromotherapy technology gives a relaxing neck massage

4-Stage Filtration. Advanced filtration which can be set to suit your needs giving the best safest and purest water experience

Also in the J-300 Range…

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: J-385

Offering a new dimension of functionality and design, the J-385 is a 6-7 person hot tub that delivers complete hydrotherapy and is loaded with advanced features.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: J-375

Unmistakable style for an experience of total wellness the J-375 is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, and features a square hot tub design.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: J-365

After a tough day at work, step into the J-365 spa and enjoy complete hydrotherapy from the 4 full therapy seats including a revitalising foot massage.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: J-345

Melt your stress away when you step into the Jacuzzi® J-345™ model. This spa comes equipped with superior PowerPro® Jets, including 19 bold FX Jets.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: J-335

The Jacuzzi® J-335™ hot tub delivers a relaxing, yet stimulating massage and features enough seating for five to six adults. The lounge in the J-335 may be one of the best places to experience the benefits hydrotherapy.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J300 Range: J-315

Designed for compact spaces, the J- 315 fits through standard doorways for easy delivery and set up and provides a private, intimate setting with enough room for two to three adults to comfortably relax.

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