Beware of Online Hot Tub Scams

As seen on Rip off Britain and in the Spring Edition of What Spa Magazine, unsuspecting consumers are falling prey to online hot tub scams from less than reputable traders and fraudsters. With the demand for hot tubs increasing dramatically during lockdown, there are serious dangers of buying online. From poor quality or unsafe products, to goods not arriving at all, consumers are being drawn in by slick websites and fake reviews.

Before being parted from what could be a considerable amount of money, please do your due diligence and check the authenticity of the glowing testimonials that may feature on the company website or social media platforms. More trustworthy third party platforms, like Trustpilot and that cannot be edited, would be a safer source for real testimonials.

Another trend is for online retailers to claim their hot tubs are built in countries that are known for high quality control, solid warranties, safety and manufacturing standards, like the USA, Canada or Europe. In fact, they are built somewhere else. Your hot tub should give you years of enjoyment and reliability, not problems, frustration or in the worst cases, serious risk of injury to the health of you and your family. These hot tubs will look shiny and glossy in the website images, but these poor quality imports, with cheap unknown components that cannot be fixed, will cost you even more money to remove when they inevitably breakdown.


Look for membership in BISHTA (British and Irish Hot Tub Association) to find a reputable dealer. Visit your bricks and mortar showroom to meet the staff, instead of buying a supposed bargain with false claims online.

Do not pay by Bank transfer, if asked to do so – BEWARE!  Pay at least a deposit on your credit card, as that will afford you protection from your credit card supplier, both if your goods do not arrive or if they prove to be faulty or not fit for purpose.

See written proof of CE compliance for the hot tub.

The old adage of,  if it looks to good to be true , then it is too good to be true” is one to take note of. “Buy cheap and repent at leisure” is another!

Ensure a comprehensive installation and owners manual is included on delivery.

Check if delivery is kerbside only,  if so think twice on purchasin, or if it is a full installation with final electrical connection, wet test, commissioning of equipment and chemical dosing training included.

Check the company credentials at Companies House.

If you believe you have received faulty goods, contact the company as soon as possible, making a note of the person you spoke to and the date. Keep written notes and emails of all correspondence.



Remember the old sayings ” if it looks too good to be true then it usually is” and “buy in haste and repent at leisure”.

By purchasing from a trusted, local, reputable hot tub dealer with a showroom, not only will they provide you with a quality hot tub that best suits your needs, but they will be there for your subsequent after care, chemicals and advice. This will stop you falling for the dangers of the online hot tub scams. Your dealer will ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefit from your hot tub purchase and advise on how to keep your hot tub water in perfect condition.

Call Tanby Pools today about your next hot tub purchase. You can then lie back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you have bought a top quality product from a respected, award winning company.

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