The Drought Buster


We will supply and fit a Back Wash Water Saver onto your sand filter and a 25m back wash line that feeds all the water back into the pool or the garden.

2 x Cartridge one for use and one for replacement (each cartridge lasts 6-8 backwashes)

1 x Box Skimmer socks for fine filtration

All for the price of £395.80 inc VAT

The cartridge filter catches any dirt inside your sand filter which is flushed out during back washing. The water which is normally wasted during the back wash process is then directed back into the pool, saving water. The filter element must be cleaned between backwashes, ideally with a suitable cleaner.

N.B. This should only be viewed as a temporary measure and normal backwashing should be carried out as soon as conditions permit to introduce fresh water into the pool.

It is assumed that all pipe work and heating are correctly installed and in a sound condition that all electrical supplies and contacts are compliant with safety regulations and that the pool shell is sound and not leaking. When carrying out the above work should any further faults come to light another estimate will be required.

Price quoted within a 10 mile radius of Tanby Swimming Pools.

Please email for further information or to book in the works.

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