Automatic and Manual Swimming Pool Covers

A pool cover will make it easier to keep your pool clean and prevent heat loss at night. It’s also the safest way to keep your pool covered and secure when it’s not in use. There are two different types of pool cover available — automatic and manual. The automatic pool cover utilises a hydraulic motor to cover your pool at the turn of a key. You can purchase traditional pool covers from us at great low prices or opt for a range of innovative covers with deluxe features — just give our friendly team a call to discuss the right option for you.

Keep Your Pool Secure, Clean and Evenly Heated with a Manual or Automatic Pool Cover

Tanby Pools supplies a wide variety of manual and automatic pool covers, from traditional low-cost models to innovative, feature-rich covers like the silver-backed deluxe solar cover, which provides extra heat retention and helps you save on chemical costs.

If you would like the convenience of an automatic pool cover, you can opt for the Hydramatic, a clever model that uses a hydraulic motor to cover your pool at the turn of a key. There are also plenty of low-cost and manual options too, like the EZ-Cover, which allows you to quickly and efficiently move the cover with its motor-like torque. Not sure which type of pool cover is right for you? Give our friendly experts a call to discuss all your options.

Tanby offer traditional pool covers at special prices, delivered directly to your home:

12mm 400 micron solar covers – £6.10 per sq.m. (+VAT)

12mm Silver backed deluxe solar cover – £6.80 per sq.m. (+VAT)
Gives a notable quantity of extra heat retention saving considerably on chemical costs

NEW Geo Bubble solar cover – from £6.40 per sq.m. (+VAT)
Specially created to combat the attacks of UV and pool chemicals with stabilisers and anti-oxidants to improve the durability and heat retention.

Thermalux Foam Cover – from ££29.35 per sq.m (+VAT) Heat Retention cover manufactured from closed cell PE foam. Various options for pools and spas.

Eco Reel – Domestic 2.6m to 4.3m £475.00 (+VAT)

Eco Reel – Domestic 4.1m to 5.7m £535.00 (+VAT)

Deluxe telescopic pool rollers up to 4.57m (15′) pool – £685.00 (+VAT)

Deluxe telescopic pool rollers up to 6.40m (21′) pool – £735.00 (+VAT)

Winter Debris covers – from £16.95 per sq.m. (+VAT)

Extra charges may be levied for shaping, hemming, strengthening and fitting.


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Manual and Traditional Pool Covers

Keep costs down while protecting and insulating your swimming pool with a manual or traditional pool cover. Tanby Pools stocks a wide range of models to choose from, including 400-micron solar covers and the new High Performance Geo Bubble solar cover. Domestic and Commercial options available.

Automatic Pool Covers

Make closing or opening your pool cover much easier by investing in an automatic pool cover. From Solar Powered pool rollers or covers with hydraulic motors that allow you to open or close your pool cover at the turn of a key, we can supply covers for all budgets.