Swimming Pool Chemicals and Accessories

Tanby Pools is a leading provider of swimming pool and spa chemicals and accessories. We stock a wide range of automatic pool cleaners and covers, as well as pumps and chemicals to maintain water quality. Want to make your pool even more fun for the whole family? Why not purchase toys and inflatables or add a sauna and changing cabin to your pool area to really maximise comfort and convenience? Not sure which pool chemicals or accessories you need? Give our friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Tanby Pools Provides a Full Range of Pool Chemicals and Accessories to Keep Your Pool Clean, Safe and Fun!

Tanby Pools is a specialist swimming pool and spa provider serving London and the South East. Whatever your pool accessory or product needs, we can help. Looking for chemicals and cleaners to maintain the quality of your water? We stock Fi-Clor, Bayrol and Portland Group own-label chemicals that offer the utmost in quality and cleanliness.

Want to make your pool area even more inviting for family and friends? Tanby also stocks a huge range of inflatables and pool toys, including the iconic Laz-Y-Spa inflatable, insulated hot tubs, luxury water seats and mattresses.


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Fi-Clor Chemicals

Tanby Pools is proud to be a Fi-Clor approved pool care centre. We offer exclusive products available only in our store, including the Fi-Clor professional pool and spa water analysis system, which provides results in just 60 seconds, and a huge range of Fi-Clor chlorine granules, tablets and capsules.

Portland Group Own-Label Chemicals

Save on the cost of keeping your pool clean and healthy with our Portland Products own-label pool and spa chemicals. Available at the Tanby Pools shop, our wide range of own-label chemicals has everything you need to maintain your pool.

Pool Accessories

We offer a full range of pool equipment, spares, maintenance items, accessories and pipework. Whether you need to invest in an automatic pool cleaner or simply replace your nylon pool brush or leaf net, we can help.

Bayrol Chemicals

We are proud to offer Bayrol automatic dosing systems for both professional and domestic use, as well as superfloc plus cartridges, slow and even dissolving Chlorilong chlorine tablets, and filter-clean tablets that keep your sand filter clean and in working order.

Inflatables & Pool Toys

The whole family can enjoy the luxury, comfort and relaxation provided by our pool toys. Opt for a laydown mattress and water seat or try a fabulous floating bean bag for use in and out of the pool!

Pool Kits

You can purchase a DIY swimming pool kit from Tanby Pools that is guaranteed for a lifetime of use! You can choose between round or rectangular-shaped pools with a variety of features. We can advise on the best materials and method to build your pool.