O2e Charity Challenge: 300 mile cycle ride in 3 days!

Managing Director, Martin Borley, is cycling a challenging 300 mile route around the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland in 3 days, as part of the annual challenge for O2e Charity Challenge.

He is raising funds via his just giving page.

300 mile cycle ride in 3 days for O2e Charity Challenge

What is the O2e Charity Challenge?

O2e is a community of philanthropic volunteers who enjoy furthering themselves through exercise and adventure. The benefit of this is twofold;

  1. To improve their own lives
  2. To improve the lives of children who are in need of help due to disability or illness via fundraising

Stepping outside your comfort zone means you’ve gone from ordinary to extraordinary.
The beauty of this process, perfectly defined by the name of our charity, is that it is absolutely unique to you. O2e never compares one supporter with another.
It’s in the DNA of O2eers to not let the possibility of failure discourage them. It spurs them on. Failures whilst out of the comfort zone are as much of the journey as the successes are.
Being extraordinary isn’t being successful.
Being extraordinary is being prepared to embark on the journey.
The journey from O to e.
Ollie Rastall

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