The high-back silhouette of this large hot tub is a trademark feature of the J-400™ collection and helps engulf you within warmth even when the surrounding temperature is cooler yet the J-475™ is set apart thanks to the ProFinish™ cabinetry which with optional corner lighting is inspired by architecture to deliver stunning look in any setting.

To complete the premium experience the J-475™ is equipped with the ProTouch™ Control, this multi-function, touch screen control panel is simple and easy to use and helps you maintain your hot tub’s status and adjust both temperature and jet functions.

Dimensions: 231 x 231 x 113 cm

Seating Capacity: 5 – 6 People

Product Features:
Installation: Free-standing
Product Features:
PowerPro™ jets
High Back Design
5-Stage Filtration
ProTouch™ Control
Wide Sheet Waterfall
RX Jet Therapy Seat
MX2 Jet Therapy Seat
RX Jet Therapy Lounge

Build your perfect J-475

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J400 Range: J-475

Silverwood Roasted Chestnut Brazilian Teak

Dimensions (cm)

231 x 231 x 113



Seating Capacity

5 - 6 People



ProTouch™ Control. With the widest variety of jet combinations, and a range of other innovative features, the J-400 designer collection may sound like a challenge to operate—but the integrated ProTouch control panel makes it surprisingly simple. This full-colour touchscreen puts everything at your fingertips, from adjusting the temperature mid-soak to scheduling maintenance reminders.

High Back Design. Unique to the J-400™ Designer Collection, the distinct high-back shape that makes your time spent soaking feel more immersive. This thoughtful design shields you from the elements and allows you to shut off from the outside world, making it perfect for anyone hoping to retreat to their hot tub all year round.

5-Stage Filtration. We think the secret to creating the most relaxing soak is using the safest, purest water, so our hot-tubs run on CLEARRAY® water purification technology. This hot tub has a five-stage filtration process, using the very same UV-C technology as healthcare environments to achieve the cleanest water in the quickest time.

Wide Sheet Waterfall. Our wide-sheet waterfall has been engineered to heighten the senses while you relax and recover. Warm water cascades down the neck and shoulders, while the LED backlight illuminates the stream and creates a wellness experience for the mind and body.

ProFinish™ Cabinetry. You don’t need to sit inside to see why it’s part of Jacuzzi®’s Designer Collection. Protected by our SmartSeal™ coating, the clean and contemporary ProFinish™ cabinetry is a natural fit for most outdoor spaces, with accent corner lighting to heighten the hot-tub experience when the sun begins to set.

Status Indicator Light. The Jacuzzi® mark on the front of your hot tub isn’t just your guarantee of a superior hydromassage. It doubles up as a status indicator light to let you know when your spa needs servicing. Until then, you can continue to focus on taking care of number one.

RX Jet Therapy Seat. The RX jet therapy seat’s high-performance hydromassage is a favourite among our customers. This Swedish-style set-up rotates and swirls to improve circulation, relax back muscles, and ease aches and pains in the legs with four powerful calf jets.

MX2 Jet Therapy Seat. The magic is in the deep contouring of the MX2 jet therapy seat. It puts the body in the best position for targeting tension in the neck and back, then uses original Jacuzzi® jet technology to relieve it.

RX Jet Therapy Lounge. Delivers a Swedish style hydromassage that knead the back and helps to both improve circulation and relaxes the legs, feet, neck and wrists for full body relief.


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