Luxury Stainless Steel Pools by Tanby Pools

Introducing our NEW custom designed, Stainless Steel Pools by award winning Tanby Pools.

Our Stainless Steel Pools are the epitomy of contemporary luxury with fast installation and a smooth finish to prevent algae and dirt from adhering to the surface of the pool shell, offering more protection than brushed steel.

The surface allows reflections of the sunlight on the stainless steel to make the water sparkle. The water colour changes beautifully depending on the weather or lighting.

Luxury Stainless Steel Pools












Watch the build process from our initial consultation to stunning contemporary pool here

  • Stainless steel is environmentally friendly and very durable.
  • The pool water temperature may rise infinitely without risk of damage to the pool.
  • The bottom edges of the walls are rounded for ease of cleaning.
  • The pool shell is assembled and welded on site, avoiding the risk of damage during transport or installation. Wide access points on site and for transportation are not required. The on-site assembly and welding does not increase the risk of rust on the welds.
  • Our modular pools can be constructed up to 6 meters wide.
  • Our polycarbonate, solar, anti-algae automatic slatted covers not only provide safety, but also heat the water and maintain the water temperature.
  • Heating costs are minimized by the pool shell insulation.
  • High water line skimmers are equipped as standard.
  • For our accessory equipment we work exclusively with leading suppliers such as Hayward and Bayrol.
  • The electrical control panel is custom-made for each individual installation and programmed for maximum efficiency of electricity consumption.
  • A UV lamp with a digital meter is installed as standard.
  • A Bayrol automatic chemical dosing system is our preferred method for ph and chlorine level control.
  • Options to further enhance the bathing experience
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