Refurbishment and rebuilding of your Swimming Pool


Dated 70's sty;e pool in need of refurbishment


REFURBISHMENT CASE STUDY 1 was an existing Kidney shaped pool that Tanby Swimming Pools had built in the 1970’s for the previous owner. While this was structurally sound and did not leak, the appearance was dated. Due to the shape of the pool, installing any cover would have been awkward and therefore the pool was not often heated and rarely used. The client’s  wish list included – a modern looking and contemporary design, ease of use and low maintenance with reduced running costs and a spa.

From 1970’s styling…

Rebuild and refurbishment of family pool

Rather than fill in this pool, the client decided to transform it into a usable asset for the family and property.

During rebuild and refurbishment

When the pool or spa was not in use, they wanted to relax without fear of the young family and pets getting into trouble.

SPATA Gold Award for Refurbishment

….to the 2012 SPATA Gold Award Winning Design


Client Feedback


“From start to finish the service was extremely professional. Firstly we had a free, no obligation consultation at a time convenient to us.
The design ideas were great and we knew early on that the quality of the finished product was paramount to Tanby. The job was completed within budget and on time with minimal disruption and the finished product exceeded our expectations. We have an amazing pool with features we had never thought of.
Even when we changed our mind about certain features halfway through the installation, everything was sorted out, within the original budget.
Tanby also really helped us in matters  not involving themselves, for example they helped us replace our old oil tank with no benefit to themselves.
We have had no problems with the installation but we feel very confident that if we did, Tanby would take care of everything with no fuss.”



When discussing the options for an outdoor pool it was agreed that the ideal location for the new pool was exactly in the place of a very old and solidly built ( approx. 50 years old ) below ground water storage tank.

Before Residential Refurbishment and rebuild with alkorplan liner

We explained that there would be considerable cost in removing this structure and why not consider converting it.

Before Refurbishment

Due to the size of the tank 2.5m x 5m x 2m deep we thought we could convert it to a usable pool by installing a counter current, shallow end and safe steps.

After Residential Refurbishment and rebuild with alkorplan liner

Add to this the Extreme lining system, all new pool fittings, pipe work, filtration a safety cover, plus an air to water heat pump, we not only fulfilled but exceeded their aspirations.

One main consideration which led the program of works was the imminent arrival of their first child. With this in mind all of the equipment was over specified so that they could have the water heated to a very inviting temperature for the youngest of bathers and a much faster turnover rate.

Residential Refurbishment and rebuild with alkorplan liner

We felt that this was an excellent opportunity to use the latest of industry innovations from the Extreme lining system to the Air to water heat pump.









Client Feedback


“Just a quick email to tell you how pleased we are with our new (reconditioned pool). We have come a long way from the grungy cesspit we started out with!!!
We have been particularly pleased with the level of customer service that we received during the refurb – it is always a comfort to know that whenever we had a query or concern we could get hold of you and you would always be happy to visit us to answer questions.


We set you a very tight deadline to complete the works – the imminent arrival of our baby meant we wanted your guys in and out in good time. We were very impressed that you managed to get everything done with time to spare and without compromising the quality of the finish.
Thanks again Martin for everything; we have a fantastic swimming pool to enjoy!!”



The existing indoor pool was a very dated oval, 70’s style pool with blue blend mosaic tiles and broken, yellowed plastic grilles. The pool was visible from the beautiful kitchen, but the client hated the look of the pool and consequently it was seldom used so the decision was made to fill it in.


We convinced her that the pool could be totally transformed into a stunning pool to be admired, enjoyed by all the family and an asset to the property.


Using the oval shape we diamond cut a rectangular shape into the pool to create a lower cheek area, integrated with a step section across one end of the pool, whilst creating deeper seating areas at the other end of the pool, within the new rectangular shape.

Shaded charcoal mosaic tiles with granite copings, granite steps, and lounging area the end result gives the appearance of a sheet of glass, slick, contemporary and inviting.



We have retained the original shell and shape of the pool within the new rectangle pool but have provided the client with the appearance of straight lines.

SILVER AWARD in the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards 2015
RUNNER UP in the UK Pool & Spa Awards 2015


Client Feedback

“Our 30-year old indoor pool was very much showing its age with broken but irreparable plastic surrounds and its outdated, tired look. We approached Tanby for a quote for refurbishment and to discuss whether there was a way to change its shape from an oval, which didn’t make the best use of the space, to a rectangular one. We understood that we needed to keep the general structure of the pool so didn’t hold much hope that such a transformation was feasible.

Anita and Martin took great care to understand what we were after and came up with ideas and drawings. Some minor tweaks later, we agreed a concept and the quote and went ahead with the work.

Having lived through 14 months of building work a couple of years before, we were dreading the upheaval and were pleasantly surprised by the care that Tanby took to minimise the impact on our household with the site clearly contained and cleared every evening. Paul and his team could not have been more pleasant, friendly and professional. They didn’t hesitate to work on several weekends and late in the evening to meet a deadline and would have been there on Christmas Eve (even though their company had shut for the holiday), save for the floods.

Similarly Anita was only one email away and never lost her patience with us when responding to our questions late at night or at the weekend. She also kept us well informed of the progress, deadlines and the challenges the team was facing.

We have enjoyed working with Tanby from the beginning of the project and we are delighted with the results. We couldn’t have imagined that our pool could be transformed so radically and Tanby ensured we were happy at every step of the way.”