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Summer rain – don’t let it spoil your pool fun!

Summer arrived last week and what a fabulous entrance – everyone was enjoying the pool with friends and family and the aroma of BBQ food wafted in the air. However the rain has returned – hopefully just enough to water the garden, but it can play havoc with the water chemistry in your swimming pool?

Summer rain can definitely have an adverse effect on you swimming pool water and not because of dilution of chemicals, as the increase in the surface area is minimal. It is the algae spores and airborne debris present in the air that attach to those raindrops that cause problems. Unfortunately this material plus debris from your surrounding gardens washes into the pool water.

If you don’t deal with this algae and other organic material that rain brings to your pool water, you will not have a happy swimming experience. All of this material reacts with your pool chlorine and so reduces the active chlorine level in the water. When the organic matter decomposes it provides fuel for the growth and reproduction of algae and other simple organisms in the water. Combined with a little sunlight—especially in warm water— the conditions become perfect for rapid growth of algae in the pool.

So, what is our advice? You need to make sure you are killing off the algae in your pool more quickly than it is growing. Keep your chosen sanitizer level up in the correct range, keep your pH as close to 7.2 as possible and add algicide promptly. We recommend always adding an algicide Fi-clor multi functional algicideto help kill and keep the algae away but also regular shock treatment Fi-clor Shock Granules when the sanitizer is low, after rain, or after a pool party.

This way as soon as the Summer sun returns, your pool will be sparkling, clear and ready to jump right in!