Saunas, Steam Rooms and Log Cabins for relaxation & wellness

Tanby provide a large range of saunas, steam rooms and log cabins with accessories. Just imagine a well-earned sauna or steam room after the stress of a hard day at work or exercise session. The penetrating heat leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.


Saunas, Steam Rooms and Log Cabins

Tylo Sensation Sauna


A sauna can be heated either by a heater that heats up rocks that you can tip water over to add a small amount of humidity or by an infrared light. The latter tends to be less hot.

A steam room or Hammam uses a steam generator to boil water into steam and then release into the air building the humidity up to 100%.


Both improve circulation, open the pores, cleanse the skin and promote general well being by relaxing the muscles and lessening tension. Whilst Steam Rooms may be more beneficial for those with allergies or congestion, Saunas are better for those suffering from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis as these may be aggravated by humidity.
Ultimately the effects are the same but the choice between wet and dry heat is yours! Both make you hot and sweat and have proven benefits for cardiovascular health and promote well being and deep sleep.


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