Recommissioning Pools at the Start of the Season



  • Remove cover and store.
  • Reassemble all plant room equipment if no frost stat
  • Top up pool water level when necessary.
  • Check and test equipment fittings and valves for damage and leaks and leave filtering
  • Set time clocks if installed
  • Vacuum pool if requested (at additional cost)
  • Check operation of automatic covers if installed and advise if servicing needed.
  • Leave plant room clean and tidy.
  • Light boiler or start heat pump if requested
  • Shock pool with chemicals (at additional cost).


Please be aware that more than one visit may be necessary if the pool is uncovered, has been left for longer than the advised period or if the water is very green and dirty. We advice booking in your recommission early as it can take longer than you think. It is also helpful if you can check on the condition of the water prior to our visit. We do not want you tot miss out on the early Summer weather we often experience.



Additional labour will be charged per half hour or part thereof.


If you require the cleaning of the pool, vacuuming, netting and removal of debris along with cleaning of the coping stones this will be charged in addition to the recommission at an additional charges.


Travel outside the 10 mile radius is charged per 1/2 hour.


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