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If you’re planning to install a swimming pool or Jacuzzi in Surrey or the surrounding area, you’ll have plenty of contractors to choose from. But few offer the ongoing commitment of Tanby Pools. We understand that your leisure time is precious. The last thing you need is a pool or Jacuzzi in Surrey that requires so much maintenance and attention that you don’t have time to enjoy it.



At Tanby Pools, our number-one priority is providing our clients with swimming pools and hot tubs that they can enjoy at their leisure. Every moment that you have to spend on the maintenance, upkeep and repairs of your Jacuzzi or hot tub in Surrey is a lost moment of enjoyment.



But when you commission Tanby Pools for hot tub design in Surrey, you don’t have to worry about the future condition of your pool or hot tub. Our team understands that the relationship between you and your hot tub specialists in Surrey continues long after the original installation. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that you enjoy many years of use from your pool.



We’re the Leading Pool and Jacuzzi Installers in Surrey



The team at Tanby understand that every property is unique – and the same goes for the people who live and swim there. With that in mind, every project we undertake begins with a comprehensive site survey. We’ll take all of your desires into consideration and provide you with a highly detailed estimate. In short: we’ll be with you every step of the way.

When it comes to Jacuzzi installation in Surrey, you won’t find a more thorough team of installers – this is good news for our clients. It means that we can help them create the precise type of pool or hot tub environment that they were hoping to enjoy.


Over 50 years of Jacuzzi Hot Tub design, expertise and hydrotherapy, the difference is clear the moment you set eyes on anything in the range.


J200 Classic Collection













The ideal place to start, with seven hot tubs
in the range and all the specifications
you will need, at an entry level price.


Prices from £4,999


J300 Premium Collection


















Enhanced reputation for performance,
aesthetics, cutting edge technology
and eight models to give you a wide range of choice.


Prices from £7,749


J400 Luxury Range












There’s nothing like it! Sleek lines, innovative design with comfort, pleasure and performance
with six tubs to choose from.


Prices from £11,499


J500 Revolutionary Range












Pushing the boundaries with innovative technology and ground breaking design to establish an unparalleled vision of beauty and
performance with a choice of two tubs.


Prices from £19,999


The J-LX














Combines the best elements of the J300 and J400 series Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, but offers comfort enhancing pillows, improved ease of entry with multi-tier cool down seat, and clever jet placement for a vigorous and luxurious hydro-massage. The underwater diverters make it easy and convenient to adjust jet flo while you use the tub.

Price £13,249




Smart engineering by Jacuzzi® designers means cleaner water with minimal effort whilst using less energy. The J-LX filters 16,000 gallons of water per day with a high flow pump to refresh the water up to 7 times more often than other models on the market. This efficient, energy saving J-LX reduces energy usage by up to 48% compared to other models in its class.


Price £13,249


Our Best Selling Jacuzzis



The Showroom situated next door to the Pool Shop features our best selling Jacuzzi J-335IP. This is one of our favourite hot tubs!


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

As the perfect luxurious accompaniment to any pool, a Jacuzzi Hot Tub is the ultimate in relaxation. Let warm currents soothe away stress or use invigorating jets to stimulate your body and mind. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs can also be used to help in physiotherapy and recovery from injuries.


The National Sleep Foundation suggests that soaking in hot water before bedtime can help bring about a good night’s sleep.


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J-335IP

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J-335IP

Choose the combination of Jacuzzi features just right for you. Choose from our Italian range with their sleek sophisticated curves fused with contemporary colours or our Premium range of 400 and 500 top of the range. The JLXL contemporary hot tub may appeal, or the 300 top seller. Then we have the 200 classic series or the Professional in-ground range suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. Choose an in stock colour or mix and match with custom colour combinations to create the ideal designer look for your home environment.


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Foot Dome Reflexology Jets

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Foot Dome Reflexology Jets







Our priority is making sure your Jacuzzi Hot Tub experience is better than you expect. We do not compromise on quality by using cheaper parts. The Jacuzzi family have been making hot tubs for over 50 years – in fact they designed and launched the very first one! Since then Jacuzzi have designed and patented hundreds of new ideas and technologies.


Why do I need a Jacuzzi Hot Tub?


Our Jacuzzi Hot Tubs get used a lot. We like it that way.  Spend more time with your family. Step outside your fast paced life and into the soothing waters of your Jacuzzi Hot Tub to rejuvenate both body and mind. We know you will enjoy your Jacuzzi hot tub for years to come and we want you to have total faith in it’s ability. Our high standards and keen attention to detail means that we’ve done the hard work for you, you can just relax.



Which Jacuzzi Hot Tub Model is right for me?


There are many factors to consider when deciding which model suits your needs, for example the number of people regularly using the spa, budget and the location and space available. Contact us or visit our showroom and our experienced staff will be able to help you make that important decision.


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


Are Jacuzzi Hot Tubs difficult to maintain?


No, not at all! You’ll spend less time maintaining your Jacuzzi Hot Tub – which means you’ll have a lot more free time for relaxing.The ClearRay UV system, standard on all Jacuzzi hot tubs represents a revolution in water treatment. With programmable filtration and circulation pumps, the water moves through the ClearRay UV technology and filtration systems, saving you time and effort.


Depending on your use, your hot tub will need emptying 3-4 times a year. On top of that, your filters will need cleaning regularly and your hot tub will need treating perhaps daily with a small amount of chemicals.Even the exterior is formed of UV resistant synthetic polymer which resists water damage and dents and retains its as new appearance far longer. It is also sound proof and flame retardant. Just hose it down and wipe with a sponge occasionally!


Can I use the spa in the winter?


Jacuzzi hot tubs are extremely well insulated and the water temperature is maintained throughout the year. In fact many of our customers tell us that their Jacuzzi experience is even better in the colder weather!


We Also Maintain Swimming Pools and Jacuzzi Hot Tubs in Surrey


Choose Tanby as your pool or hot tub installers in Surrey, and all you have to do is swim. We’re committed to helping our clients keep their pools in top condition long after that original installation date. To that end, we offer a wide range of service, maintenance and repair packages for pools in Surrey, Kent, Sussex and South East London. Simply let us know what level of service you require, and we’ll see to the rest.


Make-A-Wish Foundation & Rays of Sunshine Charity


Make a Wish grants wishes of children and young people with life threatening illnesses

Brightening the lives of terminally ill children and young people with Rays of Sunshine

Tanby are proud to work closely with these incredible charities, helping to grant the wishes of children suffering with life – threatening medical conditions. We have delivered 4 spas to families in Sussex and Surrey.