Useful Information on Swimming Pool Maintenance

Good housekeeping is important in keeping your pool pristine and ready for swimming at all times. This useful information on swimming pool maintenance should help you.

Recommended Levels

Useful Information on Swimming Pool Maintenance

Useful Information on Swimming Pool Maintenance

1.5 – 3.O ppm


3.0 – 4.O ppm


7.2 – 7.4, add alkali to increase and acid to reduce.


80 – 120 ppm


Add liquid chlorine or shock granules to clear a green pool.


Add a flocculent to clear a cloudy pool.






Pool volume formulae

Average pool depth: Deep end (metres) x shallow end (metres) Divided by 2 = average depth.


Rectangular pools
Pool length (metres) x pool width (metres) x average depth (metres) = cubic metres of pool water. (1 cubic metre = 1000 litres)




If you are new to owning a pool or would just like to have a refresher course the OWNERS GUIDE TO SWIMMING POOL CARE at only £16.00 inc VAT for a DVD is just the thing for you.




Tanby takes a proactive stance on the issue hosepipe bans and drought orders to ensure our clients minimise their water loss and maximise their pool usage. Tanby have several options available, such as changing your filtration method, improving water recycling, reducing back washing and fitting a good quality pool cover. We will continue to monitor the situation in the future and look forward to advising you on the best method to suit your pool.

There have been huge advances in pool equipment – if you are struggling to keep your pool sparkling it is possibly an issue with your old pool plant. Contact us about refurbishment of your pool plant room


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