How Much Does It Cost To Run A Swimming Pool?

Apart from the initial cost of the Swimming Pool Build, it is very important to consider:
How Much Does It Cost To Run A Swimming Pool?

Running costs for outdoor pools are about £10 a day and £15 a day for indoor pools, Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA)

There are two main costs that need to be factored in to have a safe, clear and heated swimming pool.

The Main Variables That Affect The Cost To Run A Swimming Pool

Using Chemicals will keep your Pool clear and safe to swim in; and the cost of these Chemicals is dependant on variables in Pool Size, Evaporation and Use.

The majority of the cost will come from Heating of the Pool, and as this cost is affected by a lot of different variables it is very difficult to give exact costs.

Main Variables That Affect Heating Cost To Run A Swimming Pool:

  • Is it an Indoor or Outdoor Pool?
  • What are the Thermal Qualities of the Pool? – (Amount of Insulation & Type of Construction)
  • What Pool Cover is used? – (Solar Cover/Heat Retention Cover/Safety Cover/Slatted Cover)
  • Amount of Light/Heat the Pool receives from the Sun?
  • What Type of Heater is being used? – (Gas/Oil/Electric/Heat Pump)


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