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Housepipe Ban/Drought Order – Urgeny News!

Please note that the following information is the current position. TANBY have taken a pro – active stance on this Housepipe Ban/Drought Order and will continue to monitor the situation on a day-to-day basis.

With this advance warning on water restrictions, it is important to open your pool prior to this date to allow the pool to be topped up

We would strongly advise that all pool water is kept filtering and that pool are back washed on a weekly basis whether the pool is heated and used or not. Failure to filter the water will cause algae infestation and possible airborne infestations as well.

Back washing the pool weekly will reduce the level by approximately 1 inch per week and once the water level falls beneath the skimmer the pool should filter via the sump/ vac point (dependant on number of sumps / SPATA standards)

If your pool does not have a sump or the sump is no longer in operation provisions can be made to adjust the skimmer to become a low suction.

To minimise water loss and maximise pool usage we would advice the following:

The pool water is backwashed via an inline cartridge filter into existing return back to the pool. This will filter the back wash water to 10 microns allowing it to be cleaned and returned to the pool.
Valves are fitted to enable normal back washing in non-drought conditions.

A large 150 gallon water tank is fitted to the side of the plant room, each week the water from this water tank is used to back wash the filter (the tank will be re filled by the backwash water). During non-operation sediment will fall to the bottom of the tank that can be drained off.
Valves are fitted to enable normal back washing in non-drought conditions.


A good solar cover well fitted will reduce evaporation. Whilst the pool is not in use the cover is always left on the pool. Phone us for a quotation.
The use of a flocculants will reduce the need to backwash too often. A slight reduction in pool water temperature will also help reduce evaporation & need for back washing.