High and Low Level Enclosures to enhance your pool

Practical, high and low level enclosures will enhance your swimming pool whilst not impacting heavily on your garden. With easy sliding sections you can swim when closed, half open or fully open – the choice is up to you! With custom sizes, your pool will stay cleaner, warmer and safer, stopping unwanted access to the pool whilst extending your swimming season


A low level enclosure is available in different heights and shapes but doesn’t hinder your view of the garden. Some profiles allow swimming underneath even when fully closed.


A high level enclosure is suitable for clients who wish to be able to walk around the pool and is able to be opened in segments or even both ways.  With a large range of shapes and designs there is sure to be one that suits your home.




With a regular arch cross section this pool enclosure is a lightweight metal structure with simple lines suitable for most domestic swimming pools.


  • For pools 3.0m – 8.0m wide
  •  Height depending on the width from 1.1m – 3m
  • Double wall or transparent PVC
  • Vertically opening door plus several end wall options available




A lower profile than the Sun enclosure this is certified and compliant with children’s protection regulation and easily integrated into any garden.


  • For pools 3.5m – 7.5m wide
  • Height depending on width from 0.8m – 1.4m
  • Double wall or transparent PVC
  • Vertically opening end wall or with an opening up threshold




Lightweight, attractive and low level, ideal for smaller pools and easy to slide open and close. The minimalist lines hide reinforcing steel elbow structures.


  • For pools 3.5m – 7.5m
  • Height depending on width from 0.8 – 1.4m
  • Sliding door plus foldable end wall or tiltable sill or 50 – 100mm silicon rubber



Horizontal Enclosure


A flat, contemporary, elegant and easy to use pool cover which helps keep the leaves out and the heat in. This is the lowest profile in the range.


      • For pools 4.0m – 6.4m
      • Height depending on width 0.4m – 0.8m
      • Top sliding




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