Fi-Clor High Quality Pool and Spa Care Chemicals

Fi-Clor high quality pool and spa care chemicals

Fi-Clor Chemicals


Tanby Pools is proud to be a Fi-Clor approved POOL CARE CENTRE. This designation is awarded only to retailers who represent the highest level of professionalism and offer extraordinary service. With exclusive products available only in store, these Centres are an extremely knowledgeable resource for all your pool and spa needs.





The revolutionary FI-Clor Water Testing professional pool and spa water analysis system available in-store now. Your results ready in 60 seconds.



A selection of Fi-Clor High Quality Pool and Spa Care Chemicals


Slow release disinfection to kill bacteria and other organisms with algaecide to tackle green water and a clarifier to keep the water sparkling. EXCLUSIVE TO POOL CARE CENTRES


Premium 5 Chlorine Granules (multifunctional) stabilised
5kg – £63.78


Chlorine Granules stabilised
5kg – £60.34


Chlorine Granules stabilised
3kg – £38.15


Premium 5 Chlorine Tablets stabilised 200gm
2.4kg – £44.77


Chlorine Tablets stabilised 15gm
1kg – £20.60


Superfast Shock Chlorine Granules 200gm
2.5kg – £44.70


Superfast Shock Chlorine Granules
4kg – £62.14


Superchlorinator Shock Pot
450gm – £13.21


Superfast Shock Chlorine Capsules 200gm
5kg – £74.48


5 Buoy (floating tablet dispenser)
1.66kg – £30.42


Mini Buoy (floating tablet dispenser)
774gm – £19.72

pH Reducer
7kg – £24.26


pH Raiser
5kg – £25.39


TA Raiser
5kg – £26.24


Please visit us in store to see our regular special offers available for over the counter sales. If you have a specific problem with your pool we have a variety of leaflets and troubleshooting guides plus Fi Clor has a unique TV channel with handy step by step videos.


Pool Service and Maintenance Contracts available.

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