DIY Swimming Pool Kits as a self build alternative solution

Tanby can supply a wide range of premium, DIY swimming pool kits throughout Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London and the South East.


Made from 100% Virgin, high impact polymer resin pool panels that are guaranteed for a lifetime! Typically, installation takes around seven to ten days. The pool kits are available in round or rectangular shapes.

DIY Swimming Pool Kits

Pool Kits


  • Dig the hole
  • Assemble the pool panels and clip together to make all four walls
  • Brace and concrete the panels
  • Shape the floor of the pool to give a constant depth or deep end
  • Lay the floor screed
  • Lay and connect pipework
  • Install┬áthe vinyl liner
  • Back fill behind the panels as you fill the pool with water
  • Connect filtration equipment and you now are ready to go

You will want to install pool coping stones and a surround and probably a method of heating. We can advise the best choices for your situation and lifestyle.

Designed particularly for those who prefer the hands on approach and have building or construction experience. If this option is not for you please visit our award winning gallery to see what we can do for you and your family.


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