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Coping with algae, rain, sun, thunder, wind, heat in pool water

Rain, algae and summer storms – just when your pool was sparkling!

How does this affect your pool water?

With the heavy downfalls of rain there will be some dilution to the sanitiser, however this isn’t the main issue. The real problem occurs when debris, leaves and algae spores in the surrounding area washes or are carried by the rain and wind, into the water. This organic material and algae spores react and reduce the amount of sanitiser in your pool water. As this material decomposes it provides the perfect food for the algae spores encouraging growth and reproduction.

What do you do?

Scoop out any visible leaves and debris. Ensure your sanitiser is always at the correct level. If low, add some shock granules to give a quick boost and add an alagecide to help kill off the algae. Revert to your normal sanitiser the following day.

What else may I need to do?

Check your water chemistry as the rain may have altered this. Check the TA (Total Akalinity) and pH and alter where necessary. The most important thing is don’t delay this vital piece of pool housekeeping as ultimately your pool water will become a breeding ground for algae. Your once sparkling pool will be an uninviting shade of green, putting it out of action and not the quick fix that it should have been.

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