Bayrol Superior Pool and Spa Chemicals


Bayrol Superior Pool and Spa Chemicals

Bayrol Chemicals

We stock a comprehensive range of pool and spa products
including everything from pH regulation and
problem solving to filter care in environmentally
friendly, child proof and recyclable packaging.
Bayrol superior pool and spa chemicals aim to
make water care as simple as possible so you can
spend more time in your pool or spa.
Bayrol produces automatic dosing systems for both
professional and domestic use, further enhancing
the water care range.



For example:-


SUPERFLOC PLUS 1kg – £29.95
Slow dissolving cartridge for the effective prevention and removal of cloudy water. It also removes metals from the water preventing staining of your pool surfaces and hair discolouration.


CHLORILONG 5kg (5 functions multi-functional) 250gms tablets – £64.30
Slow and even dissolving chlorine tablet to eliminate bacteria and cloudiness in your pool water.


VARITAB 5.4kg (2 layer 300gm tablet for quick & long term disinfection) – £54.80
A multi-functional tablet with a quickly dissolving filter clean section and a slow dissolving continuous disinfection section with added flocculation, chlorine stabiliser and hardness balance. The ultimate water treatment for crystal clear water.


FILTER CLEAN TABLET 1 kg (filter shock treatment) – £17.95
Keeping your sand filter clean and in working order is very important to your water treatment. Regular, intensive disinfection eliminates all dirt and bacteria allowing it to be removed in the next backwash. Your water treatment products are able to work more efficiently.


Measure, Control and Dose automatically with a system to suit your pool and requirements. Contact Tanby Pools for more detailed product information.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts available.