Additional Services from Tanby Pools

Tanby offers a range of additional services to assist you and to enhance our maintenance and service contracts.

Specialist Engineers


We have a list of gas, oil, electrical and environmental control engineers who specialise in swimming pools. Please telephone the office for details.


Existing Pool Refurbishment


We can carry out major refurbishments to change the shape, size or depth of your pool or minor works such as replacing coping stones, LED lighting and mosaic tile band to a full retile. In the case of a liner pool you could change the whole appearance of your pool with a replacement liner, change the colour and pattern and even add a mural? This is the perfect time to add an automatic safety cover either in a pit below the ground or retro fit this above ground in a bench at the end of the pool.


Commencement of Season Pool Cleaning for Concrete Pools that are in good repair and are suitable for emptying.


Empty pool, remove debris and thoroughly clean all internal surfaces using a high pressure water cleaner. Clean coping stones, wash down with clean water and leave filling. Return to site and commission equipment.


Prices from £490.00 & VAT
All prices based on a 10 mile radius of Warlingham.


Saunas & Steam Rooms


Just imagine a well-earned sauna or steam bath after the stress of a hard day at work or exercise session. The penetrating soothing heat leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. Call for a brochure.




Leading the way in product design, quality, technical innovation and range since the 1950’s, Tylo uses timber from responsibly managed forests in Scandinavia, completely clean manufacturing processes and no harmful emissions at any stage.

Choose from traditional/steam/infra red or multi sauna.

Aids in detoxification,to reduce cellulite, boost your immune system, increase blood circulation and find relief from pain.

Prices from £7196 + VAT


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